23. Mar 2015

The Pingus source code repository has been moved to Github and is now located here.


30. Dec 2011
The MacOSX packages got another update, which should fix the remaining known issues.
29. Dec 2011
A new MacOSX port of Pingus 0.7.6 is available, it should fix some issues with the previous one.
27. Dec 2011

Jonas Bähr has build a MacOSX port of Pingus 0.7.6, you can find it in the download section.

24. Dec 2011

Pingus 0.7.6 is out, not much changes to the core game, but 10 brand new Xmas themed levels.

  • added new SVG icons for Pingus
  • added 10 new xmas themed levels
  • added ability to sort levelsets by priority
25. Oct 2011

Pingus 0.7.5 is out, changes include among some fixes, 10 brand new Halloween levels. Linux and Windows versions are provided. No Mac version at this point, it might fallow later on.

  • fixed memory leak in OpenGL renderer
  • added support for Win32 cross-compilation with mingw32
  • added gamespeed adjustments via KPPlus, KPMinus, KPEnter
  • added single-stepping the game with 'S'
  • added better application icon
  • added access to all levelsets in developer-mode (Ctrl-m)
  • added 10 new Halloween levels
23. Oct 2011

Pingus 0.7.5 is nearing completion. A first release candidate is now available for testing at:

Final release will follow in a few days.

12. Oct 2011

There is now a preliminary Win32 build available for Pingus 0.7.4. Note that this is a rather rough release, it doesn't contain an installer yet and has not been tested at all on native Windows, just in Wine. Use it at your own risk.

10. Oct 2011

At long last, Pingus 0.7.4 is out. This release does not yet continue the main story, but it contains all the little improvements and bug fixes that have been allocated over the last few years. As a bonus however this release contains two new levelsets with 27 new levels. This release is source only at the moment and will compile in Linux. Windows and MacOSX versions might follow at a later point. Some more things that have changed in this release are:

  • fixed game not starting when no soundcard is present
  • all halloween and tutorial levels have been converted to a minimum size of 1920x1200 so they can be played in fullscreen without letterboxing
  • new --userdir command line switch to set the directory where savegames are saved
  • menu getting confused by fast succedding clicks fixed
  • level-demo recording and playback are back (files not compatible between x86 and x86-64)
  • window resize support throughout the whole game
  • dirty-rectangles drawing for improved performance with software rendering
  • OpenGL rendering
  • new blackboard graphic
  • Unicode support
  • two new levelsets, "Desert" and "Factory Campaign", with 27 new levels
  • added a man-page
  • deadly fall height has been increased
  • support for prefab objects and groups in the editor
  • cleaned up digger, miner and basher paths
  • added an option menu
  • lots of minor bug fixes
  • bitmap fonts have been generated with anti-aliasing
01. Sep 2011
31. Aug 2011
The Pingus source code repository has been moved to Git and is now located at code.google.com.


12. Apr 2010
The webpage got a little relayout.
18. Mar 2010
Pingus 0.7.3 is released, nothing new in terms of gameplay, just some fixes to make it work with newer incarnations of GCC.


31. Oct 2007
Pingus 0.7.2 is released, this release features 8 brand new Halloween levels along with numerous smaller bug fixes.
  • added support for levelsets
  • added 8 new levels in the form of a halloween levelset
  • added window resize support to the editor (use --allow-resize)
  • added minimap to the editor
  • scroll wheel support to change the actions
  • right and middle button now both scroll
  • 'jumper dying on landing' bug fixed
  • numerous other small bug fixes
23. Sep 2007
Pingus 0.7.1 is released, this is the second release based on SDL and among some small bug fixes, it also contains a brand new level editor rewritten from scratch. Other new things in this release:
  • faster sprite drawing, so more overall fps
  • level editor rewritten from scratch
  • level loading from command line fixed
  • numerous other command line parsing bugs fixed
  • separate images for gfx and colmap are used again
  • input subsystem rewritten from scratch, supports now gamepads, usbmice, wiimote (some of those might unfinished and not enabled by default)
25. Aug 2007
Pingus 0.7.0 is released, this is the first working version of Pingus that is based on SDL. New things in this release:
  • switch from ClanLib to SDL
  • new anti-aliased fonts
  • better support for resolutions larger then 800x600 (see --geometry WxH option)
  • s-expression based file format (converter scripts are available)
  • PPC and 64bit support
  • language support for Czech, German, Finish, Italian, Norwegian, Serbian, Turkish, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Fench and Polish
  • level editor temporarly removed
  • a little less fps then the ClanLib version
  • no new levels or other main features
25. Jun 2007
Pingus goes multi-touch, some people at the RWTH Aachen used Pingus gfx in the creation of their Table Lemmings game, you can find screenshots at Flickr and at their page at the RWTH Aachen.

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